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Storage boxes

Tonedale Self-Storage can offer you and your business the right space, security, easy access and flexibility. Whether its stock, tools, documents and archives, or just making space in the home office we can help.  Unlike other business premises, there is no long-term lease, no business rates or overheads just your monthly rental fee.


An off-site solution where you can increase/decrease size as your needs change .  


Are you an online retailer? Run your online retail business, receiving deliveries and packing up orders from the unit.


Collect and drop off your tools and materials to your unit on a daily basis, keeping your van clear, tools safe and business running.  


Store your business archives, accounts and legal documents off site.  Safe, secure and out of the way and easily accessible.

Tonedale Self-Storage units are very secure, each one individually alarmed.  Only you have access to the unit using the NOKE Smart Entry app. The whole facility is covered by 24hr CCTV and monitored fire and intruder alarms.


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